Useful Links

Reasonable Faith

The Apologetics website of acclaimed philosopher William Lane Craig.

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Risen Jesus

The Apologetics website of New Testament Scholar Mike Licona. 

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Stand to Reason

A great general Apologetics website. 

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Reasons to believe

An Apologetics website dedicated to how Science and Faith intersect in the contemporary world. 

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Wesley Center

Useful website with a wealth of information about the great revivalist John Wesley and the movement he birthed. 

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Roger E. Olson

The blog of the acclaimed Historical Theologian Roger E. Olson. 

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 These websites listed above contain high quality articles and media to help you answer your questions about theology, the existence of God, and the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. It should be noted that the board of directors and Julian Pace do not necessarily endorse all of the views expressed on these websites.